The $(generate) command creates an intermediary XML file from modeled entities.


$(generate) [options]
  1. options are described in Table 1.


Table 1. $(generate) options
Option Description
-oldModelFormat Generate XML file with prior format.
-depth depthNumber (deprecated) This feature is deprecated. Use depth attribute on Item elements in settings.agconf instead.

For example, in a BA diagram specify the number of relations to traverse while generating the model. Outgoing relations are traversed. The model always contains the incoming and outgoing relation for the current item, but if the depth limit is reached, the target item definition is not generated. The depth is an integer starting from 0, or unlimited to traverse the complete application.

-ba baFilePath Path to the BA diagram (4ba). The path of the 4ba file in the current project workspace is stored in the $(BAFilePath) project manager variable.
-o outputFilePathPath filename Path of the generated XML file. filename is the generated XML file name. Uses the filename, replacing the extension with xml.


The $(generate) command is used in build rules for generated programs. Predefined node variables can be used in the command.
$(generate) "$(InputPath)"