About us

Our company

Four Js Development Tools is a European software company with sales and support offices in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. Four Js sells its products through a worldwide network of over one hundred Independent Software Vendors and distributors that develop, market and sell industry specific solutions. Four Js sells directly to medium and large enterprises and government agencies through its direct sales force

Our products

Four Js develops, markets and sells Genero®, Genero Studio, Genero Report Writer, and Genero Mobile. The product improves developer productivity through a cross-platform development framework for mission-critical, high-volume, data-centric applications. Through its unique XML-based Abstract User Interface, applications developed with Genero Studio run across Smartphones, tablets, webtops and desktops with little to no modification. Genero’s server-centric, thin-client, n-tier architecture is ideal for Cloud and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) deployments that scale securely to thousands of concurrent users.

Our customers

Four Js customers include: Acer, adidas, Asus, BBC, Ceva, CVS Pharmacy, C&S Wholesale Grocers, DHL, Disney, Foxconn, Fritolay-Pepsico, Hastings Entertainment, Kmart, the Mexican Institute of Social Secuirty Services for Civil Servants, the Mexican Senate, Public Broadcasting Service (US), Piggly Wiggly, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Sacramento Police, Sears, Skechers, la Société Génerale, Spanish Ministry of Defence, Tele5, Toronto Police, Tramontina, TransAmerica, UK Ministry of Defense, US Ministry of Defence, Vancouver Police, and Xcel Energy among others.