Partner programs

Authorized Partner Certifications

Genero Report Writer is designed for developers that need to seamlessly integrate report generation into their applications. Depending on your size and level of commitment, there are 3 programs available:

  1. Authorized Value Added Distributor (VAD) – rights to redistribute licences to ISVs and end-users, no application, account and domain expertise, pre and post-sales support,
  2. Authorized Independent Software Vendor (ISV) – rights to redistribute licences with home-grown application, product expertise, pre and post-sale support,
  3. Authorized Professional Services Consultant (PSC) – no rights to redistribute licences, account and domain knowledge, product expertise, pre and post sales support.

One price fits all

Developer licences enable royalty-free distribution of the APIs:

  • For hosted SaaS applications,
  • For on-site Web applications,
  • For embedded standalone applications.
  • End users may licence Report Designer per server at their site for creating their own reports

For your personal requirements please contact us